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Anti-Trafficking Advocacy is dedicated to elevating attention to the problem of human trafficking and commissions in top practices and advocacy. Within the occasion we develop into the attention of any incident of trafficking, we cooperate vigorously with legislation enforcement and are concerned in combating the abuse of such human rights.

As indicated in our privacy policy. We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information in order to comply with a court order or subpoena from a law enforcement agency to release information.

Please report any suspected sexual exploitation of minors and/or human trafficking to the suitable authorities.


Some indicators that an individual would be the sufferer of human trafficking embody:

    • Acting withdrew (e.g. you haven’t received eye contact in return, they do not speak, and so forth.)
    • Acting managed/handled poorly (e.g. they can not depart the situation, they are cursed at, and so forth.)
    • Employed lengthy hours for little or next to no pay.
    • Showing signs of being in poor health/undernourished.
    • Acting terrified of those in authoritative jurisdiction (e.g. police, immigration, and so forth.) or the person they’re with.
    • Accompanied by a lot older particular person.
    • Not able to hold possessions or other individual is controlling their cash, ID or different private belongings.
    • Exhibiting indicators of bodily abuse (e.g. bruises, scraped, or branding tattoos, and so forth.)
    • Reacting in an approach that appears acted out or staged.
    • Being in apparel to look a lot older than usual/sporting costly merchandise.


At all costs please do not confront an individual suspected of confining another’s human rights. As generally such individuals often use violence. Use widespread sense, and when safe to do so, make contact with the suitable authorities if you happen to suspect that somebody is being trafficked.